Will Daskal Fine Art

The Thrill of Watercolor Painting

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What people are saying about Will Daskal's Painting Workshops:

Afternoon Stroll

Taking this class provided me with the opportunity to dig out and organize my painting materials and to review what I had done five to six years ago. I got all excited about the chance to use paint and was guided by a learned artist among others, people eager to learn every week! I am impressed by Will's knowledge of techniques, his ability to demonstrate it and his ability to teach others. I was very impressed with the biographical and philosophical information that Will distributed on the first day. It allowed one to get a grasp of where he was "coming from" and demonstrated his earnest intent to instruct and inspire. Additionally, every week, Will had valuable in-class and take-home materials for instructional purpose that were appropriate to the lesson. Will ran the class with a review, a critique, a demonstration and a practical session for students to apply what they had just learned/seen. Each week he explained what he handed out. It was obvious that Will was prepared each time, and he delivered a part of his knowledge effectively. He was able to convey snippets of the painting experience that eased my "fear of painting". Will knowledge of watercolor painting and how to teach are topnotch. I am so pleased to have "found my paints" again, to have tried some new things. I made inroads into the Poconos art community, important to me as a newcomer to PA. Will handed us the reins to say, "Go for a ride."

-- Susan Morris

This class was my first experience with watercolor. I have admired completed works for years and always wanted to try it. I am so absolutely thrilled with everything I have learned. I never expected that I would be able to create a painting that people would admire in just six weeks, but I did! The course was excellent, and I appreciated the recommended readings. It was well planned, with a new skill each week. It allowed us to continually build our knowledge without being overwhelmed. Will is a phenomenal instructor!! His demonstration of all techniques was great. He simultaneously demonstrated, explained and answered questions. He was encouraging and positive at all times. My achievements far exceeded my expectations, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about watercolor to being able to take a photograph or sit outdoors and create a painting I love! I loved the idea of completing a "class painting" so to speak, a little more each week with the newly learned techniques. I felt the course was wonderful!

 --Christine Haley

Will Daskal is an exceptional teacher; he truly teaches from the heart to empower his students. His heart is transparent and endearing for others to learn the information from his studies. I loved his enthusiasm in the class with regard to color and nature in general; he is inspiring. The reading and instruction sheets were very informative and important. Will has given me hope to go on with a lifetime dream. I loved every minute. Thank you so much!!

-- Cindy Lou Morris

My goal for this class were to learn different watercolor techniques and this class was very effective in meeting my goal. I found watching Will demonstrate techniques and then working on them at home to be very effective. The handouts were also helpful. I learned a lot from watching Will paint. I have never taken a class or painted much before, and it was helpful to see someone paint to understand how to hold brushes and choose my paints. I feel more confident in using different watercolor techniques for projects now.

 --Kelly Austin

I am so pleased that I can understand the different planes in nature. I understand more about shadows and shapes. The materials and hand-outs were outstanding. Having black & white (tonal value) pictures really helped with the understanding of values. This class was well done. Every week I saw improvements in my work due to my increasing understanding of shapes, shadows and values. WILL ROCKS! I can't convey properly exactly how intimidated I was when I started. Will made sure I compared my work to my work, not to other, more experienced painters. By encouraging me to "loosen up" in my painting, I made great strides in my work. I have surpassed my own expectations! I am painting beautiful ocean scens now, thanks to Will's teachings.

-- Sue Bongiovanni

Without previous painting experience, my expectation level was not too high; but, Will Daskal raised this level with his way of teaching and I look forward to his next class. Will gave me a foundation on which to build. I feel now that I can continue to follow a dream.

-- Manfred Burchartz

Will Daskal has exceeded my expectations. He is a great instructor who is gracious and encouraging. Mr. Daskal was very organized. He has a specific technique and was adept at teaching that technique. --A.B. (Name withheld by request)

The class encouraged my confidence and nicely moved along my understanding of the techniques ands Gestalt of painting. The course presentation was clear, with step by step instructions, with plenty of room for questions. Will is an excellent teacher, good enough fro me to take three plus classes. This is first rate and worth every penny of it.

--Jackie Campisi

Will Daskal has given me the confidence and knowledge to paint in watercolor, the tools and techniques. The handouts were excellent, a good reference for light and dark shades. The course was very organized and efficient. Will is an excellent teacher. He's very knowledgeable and patient. I came to the class afraid of tubes of watercolor as I had no experience. Will Daskal has taught me the techniques of watercolor, and I feel much more confident in this painting medium.

--Lucy Collins

I feel this class was a great class with lots of tools to get started. I really liked the fact of having lots of homework and printed references. I found it very helpful and stimulating. The course was very organized in an "artistic reality". Lots of freedom and choice at the point of doing what I liked better and felt more comfortable doing. Will is very talented and inspiring. I am very proud of myself, and I achieved the confidences to be able to enjoy watercolor painting and keep trying to get better at it. I loved the way the class was broken down as a simple and natural way of painting. All the exercises and "tricks" definitely made the whole process of learning and loosening up more fun. Will's attitude and motivation is very much what made the class easier and more productive. I am very happy with all I've learned in watercolor and art in general in this class. The atmosphere was always very comfortable and encouraging, and it shows in the beautiful pieces that every student painted and the progress from the first piece to the last. Thank you very much.

--Sherley Escribano

The course was excellent. Will Daskal has the ability to inspire you to paint and to encourage each person at their own level of ability. Will was very knowledgeable and shared, suggested techniques. He demonstrated techniques as well as steps to painting. He was open to questions and encouraged every member of the class which is important in developing the love of art. I continued to improve and to learn with each session. That was my goal. I was very pleased with my progress. I found myself enjoying painting again. I learned to apply what we were learning in class. I made time to work on the homework projects, and I enjoyed the process. This was an excellent course. I enjoyed the first class where you demonstrated the painting and then we followed.

--B.F. (Name withheld by request)

As a true beginner who never touched a paint brush, it was very instructional. The course flowed well through the six weeks.. You are obviously a wonderful painter. I saw improvement.

--Karen Feimster

The time was given to explain and demonstrate very well. Will has teaching down. I enjoyed this class and would take another, knowing that it gets easier.

--J.H. (Named withheld by request)

I received a lot of educational material, and I learned a foundation for painting in watercolor. Will is very knowledgeable and effective in teaching. I feel I learned a lot about watercolor painting.

--Lois Hanley

I needed an instructor with energy and enthusiasm who reviews the basics, one who, most importantly boosted my confidence to keep on painting. You shared, Your tips are very helpful. Thanks, Will for a wonderful time! I enjoyed the classes because you moved us along with your specific critiques. There was looseness in the structure of the class, so I didn't feel "reigned in" and yet felt guided and also free to go where I wanted to with my paintings. You are a gifted teacher.

-- Karen Karner

I appreciated the background knowledge on keys to a good painting and color wheel explanations were great. I feel I've improved on trees, rocks and composition, and my understanding the need to paint with less detail and more shapes. The handouts were very good and were great to inspire and guide our own sketches. Will's instruction inspired us to paint and therefore learn more. He was well-organized, on time and demonstrations were enthusiastic and motivating. His high energy, enthusiasm and positive feedback made everyone feel comfortable and confident to try.

--Linda Kreckel

Every session has brought me further along. O learned from seeing others' paintings and from the critiques, too. Will is excellent. The quality of the instruction and encouragement allows me to believe that I can actually paint well and continue to get better. I look forward to more advanced classes.

--Carol Lamoso

My expectations of the course were met in that I learned to relax, not take painting too seriously, have fun with colors, and express my own style of painting. The materials we received were very clear, concise and informative. The course was well organized, and Will Daskal took the class from the basics in watercolor to practicing paintings that were appealing to others. That's an accomplishment for both Mr. Daskal and the class. The instruction was excellent. Will Daskal made the class comfortable as he taught with ease. He motivated us and showed patience when needed. He also shared his sense of humor which uplifted the class. We painted with ease and had fun, too. I learned that I didn't have to restrict myself to painting things (objects) as I actually seen them, but be free  in interpreting and expressing myself when painting. It was an enjoyable learning experience and a fun class. It was nice to meet new people.

 --Liz Lutwin

This class has more than met my expectations! I feel that I can actually "tackle" watercolor without much fear. The course organization was very much in depth, very effective and a wonderful introduction to becoming a "looser" painter in the watercolor medium. As a painting teacher, you are excellent and full of passion for the art! Great class, Will: Look at what I did!

--Lorena Masferrer

I had no idea of the process to paint with watercolors. I wanted to learn the basic technique mixing watercolors and terms of painting. I feel that I have improved my painting skills, with freer brush strokes and paint mixing. I was able to paint my pictures better because the handouts were very clear, with good value between the darks and the lights. Will's class met all my expectations since he was a school teacher; I felt his presentation of materials and explanation of painting was very helpful. His knowledge of painting and his demonstrations were very clear and informative. He helped me a lot. I think I can now paint a scene with more confidence in how to achieve my final goal. I have shown my paintings to other people at home and work and everyone has said that I have improved. Your teaching has expanded my painting. This class was worth every penny I paid for it and more.

--Rebecca Michael

I learned far more than I could have imagined for my very first class. Will is fun and inspirational. Will, I loved seeing and hearing your passion for this medium.

--Cynthia Miller

The class more than met my expectations. I wanted to learn the "how" of painting with watercolor. I learned to use brushes "lighter".. The handout materials were very useful. The black and white pictures were challenging, but clearly showed the true "values" of color. I liked having assignments rather than "go practice". It compelled me to actually spend time painting. I also was compelled to set up a painting station in my home – not put everything away between bouts. I also liked critiques of what we had done, suggestions for improvement and demonstrations. I have been in classes where the instructor set up a still life, said this is how you hold a pencil, and left us to work it out. This class contrasts starkly with those. In fact I am excited about what I learned and am anxious to continue with watercolor painting. The quality of instruction is excellent. I like your "This is great!" before "just a little suggestion" You effectively and generously pass along your knowledge. I have achieved so much and have put the effort into it. I have achieved more than expected.

--Carol Pooley

The course organization was great, and the handouts were always good. I enjoyed you as an instructor because your enthusiasm was fun and infectious. You made it a joy to listen to you.

--L.S. (Name withheld by request)

The organization was very good, and there were plenty of handouts and information given. Will's illustrations certainly helped the learning process. Will has plenty of knowledge and is an effective teacher.

--Pat Slatter

I came to this course thinking that a person had to be born with talent to paint. This course gave me the confidence to keep practicing with the basic knowledge that was taught to become proficient. The handouts were great! It's nice to have the handouts to refer to when the class is over! The course was fantastic and left me with the feeling that I was sorry it was over. The instruction was top notch! The experience of the instructor really came through. Will seemed to really enjoy passing on his knowledge and answered all questions in a way we understood. This course made me look at the things around me in a different way. I find myself wondering how to paint different items and capture moods. Looking forward to the next class.

--Debbie Wasser

This was my first watercolor painting class. I have done many crafts over the years, including folk art painting and fabric painting. I found Will's course very exciting and challenging. I really appreciated the times Will demonstrated exactly how to paint something. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and painting. Thank you for your inspiration!

--Linda Weinhofer

I always wanted to learn to paint. Will's class has kept me stretching and working toward my goal of learning to paint. Each class I take helps me. He teaches an idea in so many different ways. He's are a great teacher because he finds a method that works for each student. He shares everything he's learned. I've hard light bulb moments in this class. I have enjoyed learning new techniques, and the course organization was excellent. The handouts were great at letting me see contrast. I've learned new techniques and broadened my ability to see how to mix colors that form "something that works". I liked going over our work for the week and seeing how we could make it better. I have learned a lot. I appreciate your love for what you do, for the POSITIVE atmosphere you create and the encouragement you give. Thanks so much. You teach as well as you paint! I have been motivated to keep learning and exploring. GREAT!

--Marie Whitaker

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