Will Daskal Fine Art

The Thrill of Watercolor Painting

Supply List

Will Daskal: The Thrill of Watercolor

Materials List

Family Fun

For Purchase:

1 – inexpensive set of tube watercolor paints (Cotman or Reeves OK)

1 – pad 140 lb. Cold-pressed W/C paper, 11x14 or larger

1 set of Lowell-Cornell synthetic watermedia brushes, varied styles 


1 – of each of the following synthetic watermedia brushes of your choice:

1 -  1-inch flat or flat brush

1 -  #5 round brush

1 – #2 fine "rigger" or "Script liner" brush

1 – 2 or 3 inch bamboo HAKE brush or similar size nylon Sky-Flo brush

1 – watercolor palette (larger is always better, but small will work)

1 – small artist's natural sea sponge


From Around the House:

1 – inch roll cheap masking tape from the $1.00 store

1 small, flat cellulose kitchen sponge

Absorbent paper towels

1 old credit card, cut into pieces, or long fingernails

1 or 2 pint-sized water containers (i.e. empty soup or margarine containers)

1 - # 2 or HB pencil

1 small pencil sharpener


Very Useful (Can do without, if necessary)

Any Board or support 3-inches larger than your paper.

1 - Apron

1 - Cloth towel

1 - Hair blower/dryer

1 or more Photo references to use for paintings

1 piece of soap in a re-sealable plastic baggie or container

1 small pack of facial tissues

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